Foods that Help to Dissolve Kidney Stones

Apple Cider Vinegar. The presence of citric acid in Apple Cider Vinegar helps in dissolving kidney stones, further alkalizing blood and urine, and helping to remove the stones. Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar will help in flushing out the unnecessary toxins in the kidney. To reap these benefits, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar… Read More Foods that Help to Dissolve Kidney Stones

”Dirty Dozen” List of Produce Found with the most Pesticides

Pesticide residues have been tied to health risks, which is why the Environmental Working Group has reviewed USDA and FDA testing data to come up with its eighth annual “Dirty Dozen” list to let consumers know which foods are most commonly contaminated with pesticides. the latest round of government tests found pesticide residues on 68… Read More ”Dirty Dozen” List of Produce Found with the most Pesticides


What are Hiccups? A hiccup is a sudden, involuntary contraction (spasm) of the diaphragm muscle. When themuscle spasms, the vocal cords snap shut, producing the hiccup sound. Hiccups are medically known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter or singultus (SDF).


What is Tetanus Tetanus is a non-communicable disease contracted through exposure to the spores of the bacterium called Clostridium tetani. These bacteria are commonly found in the environment within soil, dust and manure. If bacteria contaminate wounds, they produce the toxin which causes tetanus symptoms. The bacteria can contaminate wounds, where they produce a toxin which… Read More Tetanus


What is Vertigo Vertigo is a sense of rotation, rocking, or spinning, experienced even when someone is perfectly still. Vertigo is a feeling that you are dizzily turning around or that your surroundings are dizzily turning about you. Vertigo is medically distinct from dizziness, lightheadedness, and unsteadiness in that vertigo involves the sensation of movement.… Read More Vertigo