Rogers Diet and Fitness Plan

This plan is dedicated to those who are over weight, obese or want to exercise weight control to remain fit and healthy. It is not only the extra food that we eat  is  harmful, the type of food we eat matters more(Rogers Food Pyramid).

Healthy Food
  • If we can restrict the in take of carbohydrates, fats and refined sucrose, alternatively we start eating food rich with more fiber, minerals and vitamins than we don’t need starve and still loose weight.
  • Replace fizzy drinks with juices having high anti-oxidant value like orange juice or grapefruit juice.
  • Replace red meat with white meat like chicken breast and fish.
  • Replace rice and noodles with vegetables and salads.
  • Replace fast food like MacDonald, KFC, Burger King etc with Skinless Barbecued Chicken or grilled low fat meat or fish.
  • Replace full cream milk with low fat milk preferably with diluted curd drink with herbs as per your taste.
  • Squeeze little half lemon in clean water to satisfy your thirst.
  • Start Chinese fried rice or boiled rice instead of cooked rice.
  • Stop adding sugar to coffee, tea or any other hot/ cold drink.
  • Keep pop corn/roasted grams without butter or dry fruit ready to satisfy your binging urges.
  • Add regular serving of fruit before meal to your diet.
  • Drink water before starting the meal and than drink water minimum after half an hour.
  • Avoid eating anything that is fried.
  • Avoid too much salt.

    Harvard Food Pyramid

Add following changes to your life style

  • Exercise regularly, if you don’t have time, few minutes in bed room, living room, dinning room, office, even bath room is alright. Altogether, minimum 30 minutes are must.
  • Prefer to walk to nearest store to purchase grocery. Buy a bicycle and use it for some jobs instead of car.
  • Wherever possible, prefer stairs over lifts/escalators.
  • Join Gym, Yoga classes, dance classes or any other such activity.
  • Dance with the music daily
  • Join aerobic club
  • Start swimming

Adding some of these activities with Good Diet will help you to loose weight  gradually or to maintain your weight and fitness level.

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