Kidney Stone Diet

Foods that may prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

Kidneys connect to the bladder and throw all processed waste to bladder in the form of urine; the kidney stones often try to pass through to the bladder as well. The tubes which join the kidneys to the bladder are quite thin, when a kidney stone enters those tubes it can cause severe pain. There are four main forms of kidney stones, and each grows for dissimilar causes. One kind is quite uncommon and is only hereditary. The most common form of kidney stone is a calcium stone. These Kidney Stones are frequently a blend of calcium and oxalate, a compound that crop up in some fruits and vegetables. Kidney Stone Diet shall include items that inhibits the growth of Kidney Stones, some items are as following items:-

  • Banana

    PotassiumIt has been revealed to reduce urinary calcium excretion therefore Kidney Stone Diet should include foods that are high in Potassium. The best way to increase potassium is to eat more fruits and vegetables. The potassium levels in fruits and vegetables are much higher than that found in dietary supplements. Baked potatoes with the skin on, melons, peaches, avocados, tomatoes and bananas are all good sources of potassium.

  • Vitamin AIt is good for the urinary tract and helps inhibit the growth of stones, therefore Kidney Stone Diet should include items that are in Vitamin A. Good sources of vitamin A are:-

    Kidney Stone Diet
  1. Alfalfa
  2. Apricots
  3. Cantaloupes
  4. Carrots
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Sweet potatoes
  7. Squash
  • Leomonade

    Citric Acid. It is  found in many fruits has also proved to be good inhibitors of kidney stones especially lemons, therefore Kidney Stone Diet should include Citric Acid rich foods. Lemonade is a better inhibitor of stone formation than orange juice due to the increased citrate levels in the urine.

  • Magnesium. Magnesium has been shown to decrease the risk of kidney stones by increasing the solubility of calcium oxalate, therefore, Kidney Disease Diet should include foods rich in Magnesium. Foods high in magnesium are:-
  1. Seafood
  2. Brown rice
  3. Tofu
  4. Soybeans

  • Fiber. It may be helpful for people with kidney stones. Fiber-rich foods may have compounds that help shield against kidney stones therefore, it is better to include it in Kidney Stone Diet.
  • Increase Fluid Intake. Patients with calcium or uric acid stones should drink at least 10 full glasses of fluid each day. Patients should drink this amount at regular intervals throughout the night and day. Fluid intake should produce at least two-and-a-half quarts of urine each day.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    Lemon Juice: – Lemon Juice should be part of Kidney Stone Diet, drinking one-half cup of pure lemon juice (enough to make eight glasses of lemonade) every day raises citrate levels in the urine, which might protect against calcium stones.

  • Cider vinegar. It is excellent for kidney stones, it should be made part of Kidney Stone Diet. Vinegar in the store, the commercial brand of cider vinegar, is poor quality, so try to get specialty vinegar, especially if you can get it that has been aged in charred oak kegs.
  • Alcohol. Wine may protect against kidney stones. However, alcoholic beverages also contain pureness, which may increase the risk for the less common uric acid stones in susceptible people.
  • Coffee and Tea. There is a lower danger for stones in people who drink tea and both ordinary and decaffeinated coffee.

Recommendations for Daily Dietary Calcium Intake

Those people who eat the recommended quantity of dietary calcium (found in milk, yogurt, and cheese) have a lesser chance of recurrence of stones than those who eat a low calcium diet. A diet having a normal amount of calcium, but reduced amounts of animal protein and salt, may guard against stones well than a low-calcium routine.

  • 1,300 mg of elemental calcium for teenagers
  • 1,000 mg for men and women ages 19 to 50 years
  • 1,200 mg after 50.

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