The Frightening Reality Of Face Blindness

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Imagine you couldn’t recognize people’s faces, and even your own family looked unfamiliar. It’s a puzzling and disabling neurological disorder that prevents sufferers from being able to recognize the faces of people that they see every day.

The rare disorder is known as prosopagnosia or face blindness. It doesn’t cause victims to forget people but it does make it impossible for them to recognize them.

“I literally have walked right past my kids on the street and not known it was them,” said James Cooke.

“I don’t forget people, I just can’t recognize them,” Dori Frame said. “I have shaped my life so I don’t have to come in contact with people and rely on recognizing people.”

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The disorder can prevent a victim from being able to recognize a person who they have known for years.

“The first 49 years of my…

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