High Uric Acid Foods

Uric Acid is a derivative of Purine metabolism.  Several foods that are rich in purines are also included in the list of High Uric Acid Foods.  Purine consumed in high quantities causes Hyperuricemia, which indicates a boost in level of Uric Acid in the body. Under ordinary conditions, the Uric Acid is removed from the body by the kidneys. Nevertheless, if kidneys fail to do so, it would result in the buildup of Uric Acid in the body. An elevated level of Uric Acid is medically referred as Hyperuricemia, a condition that should not be taken carelessly. If Uric Acid crystals are deposited in joints, it may cause the joints to get inflamed. Under such conditions, one is most expected to experience joint pain, swelling and tenderness. A high level of Uric Acid frequently show the way to the growth and pestering of diseases such as Gout. Grown-ups should consume on average 600-1000 milligrams of Purines a day. Anything disproportionate can cause amplified and surplus production of Uric Acid in the body. High Uric Acid Foods are mentioned in the tables below:-

Foods with 400 Milligrams or Higher Purines(High Uric Acid Foods)

Fish liver mushroom sweet bread pig or beef organs yeast sardines in oil sprat

Foods with 100-400 Milligrams Purines(Medium To High Uric Acid Foods)

Soya bean beef fillet chicken breast with skin anchovies halibut caviar roast beef duck
tuna in oil salmon in oil sardines pilchards lamb (muscles only) lobster ham dry lentil seeds
mussels peas pike dry poppy seeds pork belly venison dried grapes sultanas
rabbit German sausage pork sausage scallop shrimp turkey with skin veal.

Foods with 100 Milligrams or lower Purines (Low Uric Acid Foods)

Almond Apple Apricot Artichoke Asparagus Aubergine Avocado Bamboo shoots
corned beef banana bean sprouts beer bilberry blueberry wheat bread or white bread broccoli
brussel sprouts cabbage carrot cauliflower cheese. Sweet cherries Chinese leaves cocoa powder chives
sweet corn crispbread cucumber dried dates elderberry endive fennel leaves fig
eel frankfurter sausages grape kiwi fruit leek lettuce melon peanut
hazelnut brazil nut oyster parsley pasta peas pear peach
green peppers pineapple plum potato pumpkin radish rhubarb whole grain rye
sauerkraut Vienna sausages spinach strawberry tofu tomato walnuts wheat
yoghurt (minimum fat content of 3.5%)

Approximate Value of Purine Content in some Foods (High Uric Acid Foods at the Top)

 Sources of Purine Purine content (mg of purine/100 g food)
Liver 286.4
Kidney 230.8
Poultry 130.7
lamb, roasted, chop 127.5
Pork, roasted, chop 119.0
Fish, white, fresh 115.9
Mushroom, fresh 46.9
Bread, crusted 15.7
Bread, white 12.2
Wheat flour 11.5
Cottage cheese 8.0
Plain yogurt 7.0
Rice, cooked 5.9


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