Simhasana or Lions Breath – Yoga

Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion

Simhasana or Lions Breath Pranayama

Simhasana or Lion’s Breath rejuvenates your self-confidence, positivity, boost good emotions and increases desire to advance. It discharges stress, weariness and unconstructiveness. It is a great breathing technique for those who have little time and want to start a day with zeal and enthusiasm. Five repetitions early in the morning will take just two minutes.

Technique of Simhasana or Lions Breath Pranayama

  1. This pranayama can be done in most of the yoga positions.
  2. Kneel with your seat resting in your feet.
  3. Sit up tall and spread your palms wide on your knees or thighs
  4. Inhale deeply through nose
  5. Lengthen the spine, spreading the shoulder blades apart and spreading the fingers wide.
  6. Exhale through the mouth, making a “ha” sound like lions roar.
  7. Remember to open your mouth and eyes wide, stick your tongue out towards the chin and roll your eyes upward while you are exhaling.
  8. The breath pulls across the back of the throat, as in ujjayi breathing, only louder
  9. Inhale with normal face
  10. Repeat this practice 3-5 times preferable early in morning after just coming out of the bed

    Lions Breath
    Lions Breath

Benefits of Simhasana or Lions Breath Pranayama

  1. Boosts Energy Level
  2. Augments Blood Circulation
  3. Relieves Tension
  4. Enhances self-expression
  5. Increases confidence
  6. Releases stress, fatigue, and negativity


  • Remember that pranayama must be practiced intelligently and carefully. Uncontrolled practice can result in respiratory and neurological damage.
  • Avoid exercise if you are suffering from heart disease, blood pressure, asthma or epilepsy.

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