Yoga – Sukhasana (Common and Easy Meditation Pose)

Sukhasana Posture
Sukhasana Posture

Sukhasana means Easy Pose, Decent Pose or Pleasant Pose. Sukhasana is actually a comfortable, cross-legged, seated pose; it is commonly used for meditation or for beginner’s pranayama exercises.

Sukhasana Pose
Sukhasana Pose
  1. Sit on a firm cushion or mat; raise your hips four to six inches.
  2. Cross your legs inwards starting with your left leg in first and then your right leg.
  3. Slide your feet under your opposite knee.
  4. Maintain an easy gap between your feet and your pelvis.
  5. Rest your palms on your knees. Begin to find balance over your pelvis.
  6. Simply balance the spine over your pelvis.
  7. Keep your head and body straight.
  8. Close your eyes and relax

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