Yoga – Burmese Pose

Yoga Burmese Pose

Yoga Burmese Pose is a simple and easy posture to practice. Burmese pose is a good for beginners and they can work up to Lotus subsequently. It is a Lotus position without the stacking, and places much less pressure on the knees.

Yoga Burmese Pose
Yoga Burmese Pose
  • In this posture, the legs are not crossed, the knees are spread, the legs are folded and the feet pulled back in front of the pelvis with one foot in front of the other.
  • Sit on the soft mat with your legs bent in front of you.
  • Allow your knees to fall out to the side, and then bring one foot in toward your groin.
  • Bring the other leg in, placing the forward foot in front of the inward foot.
  • The ‘cupped’ hands rest at the tops of the thighs or on the heels.
  • The buttocks ought to be pushed out a little to create the back into easy uprightness.
  • To avoid continuous irregular pressure on the legs, change front and back leg alternatively during meditation.

 Watch “Yoga Burmese Pose and Other Meditation Poses” Video

Benefits of Burmese Pose

  • Burmese pose is very stable, easy and simple
  • Allows you to maintain a straight spine and neutral posture
  • Breath is allowed to flow freely.

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