Yoga – Cow Pose or Bitilasana

Cow 1

Bitilasana or Cow Pose is mostly practiced in combination with cat pose. In this pose, you exhale as you let your back curve downward, and release any holding in your abdomen. To maximize the opening in your chest and upper spine, inhale and pull your shoulders gently back as you arch.

Technique of Yoga Cow Pose or Bitilasana

  • Adopt Tabletop Position, your body rests on your hands and knees. This is Neutral Position in this pose.
  • Ensure your knees are directly below your hips and your wrists, elbows and shoulders are in line and perpendicular to the floor.
  • Center your head in a neutral position, eyes looking at the floor.

    Yoga Cow Pose
    Yoga Cow Pose
  • While inhaling, lift your sitting bones and chest toward the ceiling, allowing your belly to sink toward the floor.
  •  Lift your head to look straightforward.
  • While exhaling, come back to neutral Table Top Position
  • Carryout 15 – 20 repetition

Benefits of Yoga Cow Pose or Bitilasana

  • Relaxes muscles along the whole spine

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