How to Develop Positive Thinking – Optimism

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that sees the bright side of things. The way we feel about a situation comes from our perception of it. Sometimes perception is right, but at other times, it is not. Age-old example of perception is “The glass is half full or the glass is half empty”.  Positive thinking does not mean that you bury your head in sand and should not evaluate the dangers or bad thinks that are approaching you. It definitely means that you analyze a situation, think rationally, study options and then make a choice with a positive attitude and conviction.

Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking

Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

Difference between an optimist and Pessimist is that “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity and optimistic sees opportunity in every difficulty”. The advantages of Positive thinking are as follows:-

Practical approach towards of Positive Thinking

·         Positive attitude brings positive results.

·         Positive thinking does not to expect that every time the best think will happen, rather it is more about accepting the results and concentrating on good things that can be extracted from that very result. An example can be that you were traveling Destination A towards Destination B, Due to Bad weather the aeroplane was directed to Destination C. At destination C, you ask the airline to provide you hotel and then went to take a round of the city or meet an old friend who is living there. The negative approach may be that you sit in lounge and start cursing the weather that was responsible for the delay.

·         Positive thinking does not mean that you do not make an effort and hope for good results rather positive thinking is you make an all out effort with a hope to achieve good results.

·         Positive thinking does not mean that you seek the outcomes that are beneficial for you only, rather positive thinking you seek results that are beneficial for you and all other people around you

·         Positive thinking is not only about material benefit that you may get from an action; rather it is about spiritual benefit along with material benefit. Example is Mr. A and Mr. B makes a combined investment for profit. Mr. A Gets an opportunity either to share a reasonable profit with Mr. B or to get a very high profit with a Big Loss to Mr. B. Positive thinking would to choose a mutually beneficial approach.

How to develop Positive thinking

·         Develop Faith on your Ability to Change. Have faith and conviction that if you want to change, you can change. Believe that “You are driving your life, life is not driving you”.

·         Identify Areas of Improvement. Figure out what are the areas where you need to change, get a feedback from your closest friend or family member. It better to write it down.

·         Analyze daily. Analyze your thought process and dealing with others daily. Make a commitment early in the morning to remain positive complete day, before sleeping analyze your day, and grade it positive or negative. You can maintain a daily attitude log also.

·         Surround yourself with positive people. Try to meet people with positive attitude and remain away from people with negative attitude.

·         Accept Faults and Failures. Accept the fact that faults and failures are part of life and every person experience; you are also not an exception. Do not let today’s disappointments spoil your tomorrow.

·         Never miss a chance to laugh. Add some humor to your life; after all, you may have never seen a smiling face looking ugly except a face with cynical smile.

·         Do not complain without a solution. If you have a complaint, try to find a fix also.

·         Do not worry what others think. Do not start climbing a mountain to be visible to the world, Climb Mountain only if you want to see the world.

·         Stop Grudging Others. Holding your grudge and keeping it to yourself is like eating poison and expecting the other person to die.

·         Make you today amazing. Make a pledge to design your today amazing, your tomorrow would be amazing because it will be today after 24 Hours.

·         Appreciate yourself and thank. Daily appreciate yourself and your good work. Do not  forget to thank God for all his benevolence.

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