Lipid Profile Test

What is Lipid Profile


Lipids are a group of fats and fat-like substances that are important constituents of cells and sources of energy. The lipid profile is a group of tests that are often ordered together to determine risk of coronary heart disease. The tests that make up a lipid profile are tests that have been shown to be good indicators of whether someone is likely to have a heart attack or stroke caused by blockage of blood vessels.

Components of Lipid Profile Test

The lipid profile includes

  1. Total Cholesterol
  2. HDL-Cholesterol (Often Called Good Cholesterol)
  3. LDL-Cholesterol (Often Called Bad Cholesterol)
  4. Triglycerides
  5. Cholesterol/HDL Ratio

Sometimes the report will include additional calculated values such as the Cholesterol/HDL ratio or a risk score based on lipid profile results, age, sex, and other risk factors.

When to Get Lipid Profile Tested

  • Screening: Adults, every five years; Youths, once between the ages of 9 and 11 and again between ages 17 and 21
  • Monitoring: at regular intervals when risk factors are present, when prior results showed high risk levels, and/or to monitor effectiveness of treatment

Lipid Profile Test Results

Lipid Profile done by drawing your blood is the answer (after an overnight fasting on consuming a diet low in fat for three days) is recommended.




High risk

Cholesterol  Below 70 mg/dL

200-239 mg/dl

240 mg/dl

Triglycerides  Below 150 mg/dL

150-199 mg/dl

200-499 mg/dl

HDL Cholesterol

60 mg/dl

35-45 mg/dl

LDL Cholesterol

60-130 mg/dl

130-159 mg/dl

160-189 mg/dl

Cholesterol/HDL ratio





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