Flavonols – Protects against Heart Disease

What are Flavonols

Flavonols are photochemical compounds found in variety of plant based foods and beverages. Flavonols are available in red wine, dark chocolate, some fruits and vegetables, and some beverages. Flavonol antioxidants are known to offer protection against heart disease and some other diseases.

How Flavonol Helps our Body

Red Wine
Red Wine

Body cells generate free radicals as they metabolize, ideally the body should produce enough natural antioxidants to counterbalance these free radicals. Sun damage, smoking and pollution can reduce antioxidant production and can cause surplus free radical production in our body. Flavonol contain quercetin a powerful antioxidant that has structural features for free radical hunting activity. Adding antioxidant-rich foods can help our body to neutralize disease producing free radicals.

Benefits of Flavonols

Flavonols provide following health benefits:-

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Sources of Flavonol

Green Tea
Green Tea

Flavonol antioxidants are found in following foods and beverages:-

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