General Measures to improve Maternal Nutrition

  1. Delay teen pregnancy
  2. Increase birth intervals, Birth spacing of  three years or longer
  3. Promote optimal breast feeding practices.
  4. Promote  family planning  and  health nutrition intervention counsel on the  need for a reproductive  period  to build  energy  and  micro-nutrient  stores.
  5. Consider breast feeding status when prescribing contraception period.
  6. Mother may initiate  breast feeding  in the  first  hour  and  after birth ,breast feeding  exclusively  for  about  six  months  and  continue  breastfeeding  for two years  more.
  7. Practice  family  planning  to space  births  for at least  three years  delays  pregnancy  so that  there are at least six months  between the  period of  breastfeeding  and the  subsequent  pregnancy.
  8. Use  of  contraceptive  is  recommended  when  breast feeding ,use  of  condoms  prior  to take  decision to become  pregnant  and  during  pregnancy  and  lactation  if there is  risk of  HIV transmission.

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