Improve Maternal Nutrition

Micro-Nutrients for Pregnancy  

a)    Household members should be encouraged to use salt fortified with iodine.

b)   High doses of Vitamin A to be used within six week of delivery.

c)    Iron supplements to be used during the last six months of pregnancy.

Foods During Pregnancy and Lactation

a)    Increase intake of food during pregnancy and lactation.

b)   Rationale for supplements or fortified food products for mothers. Certain nutrients in the breast milk can be affected by the maternal diet (Vitamin A thiamin riboflavin, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Iodine, Selenium).

c)    First choice is to improve the mother diet, but cost constraints limit options.

d)   Adequate micro nutrient intake during lactation can benefit both mother and infant.

e)    In order to maintain  better Maternal health ,mother should  increase the  consumptions of  fruits  and  vegetables, animal proteins products and  fortified  food  especially during  lactation and  pregnancy.

f)     Consume  daily supplements  (Iron/folic acid  -60 mgiron+40 mg folic  acid  or multiple  vitamin supplements) during  pregnancy  and  first  three months  postpartum as long  as  breast feeding  .

g)    If anemic, consume a daily dose 120 mg iron and at least 400mg folic acid for three months.

h)   Consume high dose (200,000IU) of vitamin A immediately after delivery.

Malarial Treatment and Prophylaxis during Pregnancy

a)    If pregnant women is suffering from Malaria in endemic area. Anti malarial drugs  for  curative   and   prophylactic  measures  be  made  accessible    for  treatment  of  the  symptoms and clinical infection.

b)   Promote use of insecticide treated materials.

c)    Pregnant  women should  take  ant malarial drugs  in the  second and  third  trimester as a curative  treatment  regardless of  the  symptoms or take  weekly  ant malarial  prophylaxis starting at first antenatal visit.

d)   Seek treatment for fever during pregnancy take drugs to treat malaria and reduce fever. Take iron/folic acid supplement to treat anemia

e)    Use insecticide material such as bed nets.

Prevention of Hookworm infection during Pregnancy in Endemic Area

a)    Counsel the women on the preventive measures (sanitation and foot-wear).

b)   Prescribe and make accessible antihelmenthics medication after first trimester of pregnancy.

c)    Mother should wear shoes and dispose feces carefully to prevent infection.

d)   Take  single  dose of  albendazole  (400mg) or single  dose  of  mebendazole  (500mg) in the  second and  third trimester  of  pregnancy  as  treatment  of  hookworm. If  hookworms are  highly  endemic  (>50 percent  prevalence) take  additional dose  in  the  third trimester of  pregnancy.

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