Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy

  1. Weight gain during pregnancy is essential, Obese women should be discouraged to Reduce weight during pregnancy.
  2. Plan  meals  carefully  so that  the  nutrient  needed  during  pregnancy  can be  included without excessive  calories  using  as  food  guide for  pregnancy  is  helpful.
  3. Caffeine intake should be limited.
  4. To take only those vitamins and minerals as prescribed by the physician.  Excessive amount may be harmful.
  5. Skipping  of  meals  is  a poor  practice ,especially  for  the  pregnant  woman. Fetus needs a steady supply of nutrients.
  6. Encourage the women to use high fiber foods and plenty of fluids to avoid constipation.
  7. Teenager should be encouraged to improve their eating habits.
  8.  Nutrition education should be imparted to the family members as well for the pregnant woman.
  9. Alcohol consumption should be avoided it may results in birth defects.  Fetal alcoholic  syndrome  is  common which   characterized  by low  birth weight ,slow  growth and  development  and  in some  cases it may result in permanent  mental retardation.
  10. Diseases like tuberculosis, Anemia to be treated in order improve maternal health.
  11. To support lactation and  maintained sufficient  maternal reserves ,most  of  the  mother in developing  countries  have  to eat about 650 kilo calories  (equivalent  to one  extra meal every day.
  12. Mother should eat balanced (including fruits, and vegetables, animal products, and fortified foods, when possible) by consuming variety of foods.
  13. Community and  household  member should  be  informed  of  the importance  of  making  additional food  available  to woman during  pregnancy  and  lactation, as well as helping  them to reduce  their  workload  and  obtain adequate  rest.

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