Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer is when cancer develops from breast tissue. Signs of breast cancer may include :-

  1. A lump in the breast
  2. A change in breast shape
  3. Dimpling of the skin
  4. Fluid coming from the nipple
  5. A red scaly patch of skin

When caught early, the five year survival rate of breast cancer is about 90%.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Risk factors for developing breast cancer include:-

  1. Obesity
  2. Lack of physical exercise
  3. Drinking alcohol
  4. Hormone replacement therapy during menopause
  5. Ionizing radiation
  6. Early age at first menstruation
  7. Having children late or not at all

Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Breast Cancer stage at diagnosis, which refers to extent of a cancer in the body, determines treatment options and has a strong influence on the expected life as compared with Survival Rate. Many other factors may affect a person’s outlook, such as your age and health, the presence of hormone receptors on the cancer cells, the treatment received, and how well the cancer responds to treatment. 96% of women survive breast cancer for at least one year, and this is predicted to fall to 87% surviving for five years or more, 78% of women are predicted to survive their disease for ten years or more.

Estimated New Cases in 2014


% of All New Cancer Cases


Estimated Deaths in 2014


% of All Cancer Deaths


Percent Surviving 5 Years (2004-2010)



Breast Cancer Survival Rate By Stages

Stage 5-year Relative Survival Rate
0 100%
I 100%
II 93%
III 72%
IV 22%


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