Health News – Diabetes increase the risk of Heart Attack in Young Women Six Fold

Heart Failure
Heart Failure

Compared with young women who did not have a history of MI, young women with MI showed the following prevalence of risk factors:

  1. 48.8% arterial hypertension (compared with 16.7%),
  2. 48.7% current smoking (versus 40.0%),
  3. 65.5% past smoking (versus 42,7%),
  4. 36.1% high cholesterol, or hypercholesterolemia (versus 12.5%),
  5. 22.3%obesity (versus 15.3%),
  6. 10.6% diabetes mellitus (versus 1.4%).

The young female MI patients ranged from 21 to 45 years of age and averaged 42. Their strongest independent heart attack predictors were:Diabetes, which increased MI risk six-fold, Arterial high blood pressure (four-fold)High cholesterol (three-fold)Current smoking (1.6 times).There was no statistical significance for obesity measured by body mass index (BMI) as a predictor of MI.

“Cardiovascular diseases affect mainly the elderly, but for many years an increase in incidence has been observed in young people as well, regardless of gender.””The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that cardiovascular diseases cause more than 52% of all deaths in women and the number continues to rise,”Up to 1% of all heart attacks are in young women.”

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