Health News – Sleepless Nights result in Multiple Health Risks

Sound Sleep

Everyone knows the draining effects of a sleepless night. There are myriad health risks. At their worst, these can develop beyond general sluggishness to ;

  1. Heightened risk over time of diabetes, obesity or heart disease.
  2. It can also lead from mere fogginess to problems with the brain’s ability to flush out toxins, eventually leading to memory loss and dementia.

Sleep deprived body can be compared to a faulty car engine: It may still runs, but it will start to burn gas inefficiently, lose pep and accumulate carbon deposits. “In the end, a poorly tuned engine will wear out. Stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin can be released due to sleep deprivation, leading to heart disease. Disorders of sleep impact so many organs and tissue functions:-

  1. It affects the heart, so that’s the province of cardiology.
  2. It affects breathing, that’s the province of respirology.
  3. It effects the predisposition to cancer, that’s oncology.

Treatment would seem as obvious as simply sleeping more. But that may not always be possible, such as with sleep apnea, in which breathing is interrupted repeatedly during sleep, preventing a good night’s rest and potentially causing a host of health issues. sleep apnea is the most easily diagnosed and treatable sleep disorder. But there are many others, and specialists in one disorder are typically not specialists in others.

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