Health News – Spicy Food linked with Long Life


Chilies add wonderful flavour and kick to foods, and have very few calories, boost metabolism, help burn fat and keep us feeling full longer. Rates of ischemic heart disease, respiratory diseases and cancers were all lower in hot-food eaters. Researchers noted that capsaicin, the main ingredient in chili peppers, to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences looked at the diets of nearly half a million men and women over seven years, and found that found that Hot food is associated with longer life. Researchers noted that eating hot food, mainly chili peppers, less than once a week had shorter life span, having it once or twice a week resulted in a 10 percent reduced overall risk for death. Consuming spicy food six to seven times a week reduced the risk by 14 percent. Eating spicy food is associated with a reduced risk for death.

A laboratory study in the United Kingdom, for instance, found that capsaicin, which is responsible for the burning sensation chilies provide, can kill lung and pancreatic cancer cells without harming the surrounding cells. Researchers believe this may explain why people living in Mexico and India, who eat a spicy diet, tend to have lower rates of some cancers than those eating a bland Western diet. It was believed that hot peppers burn a hole in your stomach or cause ulcers. The truth is hot peppers actually protect against ulcers. That’s because bacteria called H. pylori cause most ulcers, and capsaicin from hot peppers may help to kill those bacteria.

Hot food can help you in weight loss. According to “The New York Times”, eating a spicy dish can temporarily boost your metabolism by up to 8 percent. Spicy dishes have more of a chance to leave you satisfied; a Canadian study found that a group of men that had an appetizer with hot sauce consumed 200 fewer calories that peers who didn’t have hot sauce.

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