Prevention of Acne

There is no fool proof method to prevent acne, but the following steps may help minimize Acne Flare-ups:-

  1. Washing affected areas gently with lukewarm water twice every day, using just the fingertips and a mild soap containing sulfur,Calendula officinalis, or other substances that are useful against acne
  2. Washing gently after sweating
  3. Waiting 5–15 minutes after washing to apply acne medication
  4. Avoiding abrasive soaps, facial scrubs, toners, astringents, and masks, which can irritate the skin and cause breakouts
  5. Limiting use of makeup and moisturizers; applying any medications before applying makeup
  6. Using only skin and hair products that are labeled ‘‘oil-free,’’ ‘‘nonacnegenic,’’ or ‘‘noncomedogenic,’’ meaning that they do not clog pores
  7. Shampooing often and wearing hair up and away from the face
  8. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables
  9. Avoiding foods that trigger flare-ups
  10. Exposing the affected skin to sunlight on a limited basis, unless otherwise advised
  11. Avoiding the handling of affected areas or picking or squeezing pimples, as this can contribute to scarring and spread the acne reducing stress

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