How to Sharpen Your Brain

“Use it or lose it” is the correct phrase, as far as at least brain is concerned. Your brain could ward off the dulling of mental faculties and strengthen connections between newly generated brain cells. Neurobics may help maintain your mental reserves and ensure you’ll keep your mental edge clear into your elderly years.  You can do to keep your mind in good shape by keeping away from bad habits that may harm your brain. Following tips can help you to keep your brain sharp and healthy:-

Anatomy of Brain
  1. Reduce Stress. When you think of stresses in your life, you should know that the stress hormone cortisol depresses the growth of nerve cells and the connections between them. So keep your stress level low by taking stress reducing measures.
  2. Sleep Well. Sleep is important, because it’s when we lock down our memories and process them. So, if we’re not getting enough sleep, it’s bad for our ability to remember things.
  3. Watch your Diet. Anything that is good for the heart is also good for the brain, so you watch your diet and eat heart healthy diet.
  4. Exercises for Brain Health. Exercise is extremely important for your health, heart and brain, so include exercise as part of your daily routine. Few simple exercises for a sharp brain are as follows:-
  • Switch Hands. Try one of your daily activities like brushing your teeth or dialing a phone number with your non-dominant hand. It strengthens the pathways and connections in the opposite side of your brain.
  • Try Safe activities with Closed Eyes. Try a safe activity, like eating or showering, with your eyes closed. That forces you to use and strengthen your other senses. Most of what your brain does is process what your senses are bringing in. So, closing your eyes forces the brain to process that information in new ways.
  • Do the Things in New Way. Your brain does not need anything complicated; it just needs something new. So, take a new way to work, or sit in a different seat. It forces you to look at the world from a new perspective.
  • Play Strategy Games.  Play games with other people that require you to strategize and interact socially at the same time. Examples include board, word and card games.
  • Consume Brain Boosting Foods. Consume brain-boosting foods or supplements. Try antioxidants in food, such as berries, tea, and leafy greens. And you also want to consume fish oils, which also come in supplements.

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