Is Mouth Wash Harmful

Fresh Breath
Fresh Breath

Mouthwash can help you spit out loosened plaque and other bits of detritus hiding in the cracks and crevices of your mouth, but so can water. Mouthwash is an addition to proper oral hygiene, not a substituteIt’s not going to take the place of your morning brush or twice-yearly dentist visit. The journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine found some mouthwashes could raise your blood pressure by wiping out a kind of helpful mouth bacteria. The study focused on mouthwashes containing a strong antibacterial agent called chlorhexidine. Some studies have suggested rinses that contain alcohol could contribute to the development of oral cancers. A 2014 study from Europe reinvigorated the debate. But experts say those studies are flawed, and focus on excessive mouthwash use (three bouts of swishing a day or more).

If you have periodontal disease or some harmful types of mouth bacteria, an antibacterial rinse could help kill the bacteria that cause the disease,but you need to speak with your dentist about the benefits and potential risks. Those with healthy teeth and mouths, a mild mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol or strong antibacterial agents is probably your best choice. You don’t need mouthwash, but if you enjoy it, or you have bad breath and feel it helps, then there’s no substantiated risks to rinsing once or twice a day,

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