Viral Image helpful in diagnosing Breast Cancer

While many people are vigilant for lumps on their breasts, changes to the shape and size, or even the skin, can often go unnoticed. This image was designed by Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, founder of the charity Worldwide Breast Cancer. It features 12 lemons, all of which exhibit lesser-known symptoms of cancer such as dimpled skin, leaking nipples or a change in breast shape.breast-cancer

The image was shared on Facebook by cancer survivor Erin Smith Chieze, who said it was a similar photo that helped ring alarm bells about changes to her own breast. She was later diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

Women often aren’t as aware that non-lump changes could be a sign of something serious, and we therefore need to do much more to raise awareness of the other key signs of the disease. “Images like this are really helpful in highlighting some of the other possible symptoms, but it’s crucial that all women get into the habit of checking themselves regularly and get to know what normal feels like for them.

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