Foods that Help to Dissolve Kidney Stones

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar. The presence of citric acid in Apple Cider Vinegar helps in dissolving kidney stones, further alkalizing blood and urine, and helping to remove the stones. Regular consumption of apple cider vinegar will help in flushing out the unnecessary toxins in the kidney. To reap these benefits, add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 6-8 ounces of purified water. Drink this mixture throughout the day. 

  2. Pomagranate

    Pomegranate. The seeds and the juice of pomegranate are important for removing kidney stones as they are a good source of potassium. Potassium prevents the formation of mineral crystals that can develop in to kidney stones. It also reduces the formation of stones due to its astringent properties, flushing out the toxins from the kidney and lowering the acidity in the urine. 

  3. Basil
    Basil Leaves

    Basil. Basil contains acetic acid, which helps to break down the kidney stones and helps to reduce pain. It also lowers uric acid levels, which reduces your risk for future stones. Basil is diuretic in nature and acts as a detoxifier that helps in removing kidney stones and further strengthens its functioning. It lowers uric acid levels in blood, cleansing the kidneys. It consists of acetic acid and other essential oils that help in breaking the stones down to pass through urine. It also acts as a pain killer.Use fresh or dried basil leaves to make a tea and drink several cups per day. You may also juice fresh basil or add it to a smoothie 

  4. lemon Sliced
    Lemon Sliced

    Lemon. Citrate can also break up small stones, allowing them to pass more easily. Consuming dilute lemon juice daily has been shown to decrease the rate of stone formation. The compound hydroxycitrate (HCA) can dissolve calcium oxalate crystals, the most common component for kidney stones. 

  5. Baking Soda
    Baking Soda

    Baking Soda. The alkalinity of the baking soda will lower the acidic content of your urine that caused the stone to form. Once these levels come down, the stone can easily pass through the urinary system Mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with 10 ounces lukewarm water and drink this thrice over the course of the day. Drink it immediately after preparation. 

  6. Cranberries

    Cranberry. Cranberry is also believed to be beneficial in preventing and reducing the size of kidney stones. The acidity in cranberry juice is effective in reducing the size of kidney stones and preventing new stones from forming when consumed in conjunction with at least 3 qts. of distilled water each day. It is recommended that at least two glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice be consumed per day.





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