Dirga Pranayama – Yoga Basic Breathing Exercise

Dirga Pranayama, a basic breathing exercise for beginners that is calming and grounding. It teaches you how to completely fill your lungs and then empty them. Dirga pranayama offers a method, which involves three different parts of the body. The low belly Low chest Low throat Technique of Dirga Pranayama The breath is continuous, inhaled… Read More Dirga Pranayama – Yoga Basic Breathing Exercise

Cardio Workouts

Any workout/exercise that gets your heart rate up, and keeps it elevated for a significant amount of time can be termed as Cardio Exercise. Increase the duration and intensity of exercise to improve your stamina gradually, especially if you are a beginner. There are limits and precautions when you practice your cardio workouts, do not… Read More Cardio Workouts

How to Gain Weight

Reasons for being under weight General reasons for being under weight can be as follows:-     Inadequate feeding habits  Prolonged meal time gaps   Poor selection of foods Increased physical activity without increasing the food intake can lead to energy deficit, are a few of the major reasons for being underweight. Clinical reasons for being under weight… Read More How to Gain Weight

Back Bone

Anatomy of Spine The spine is divided into three major sections; each section is made up of individual bones called vertebrae. The Cervical Section (Neck).  This section has seven(7) cervical vertebrae The Thoracic Section (Upper Back). This section has Twelve(12) thoracic vertebrae The Lumbar Spine Section (Lower Back). This section has five (5) lumbar vertebrae… Read More Back Bone