Herbs and Plants

Nature has been very benevolent on mankind, it has kept some use for us in everything , we just have it explore why something is there and how we can utilize it for our benefit. Plants and herbs have  also been created by God to help us in one  way or another . Use of plant extracts and herbs as medicine is being practiced since centuries, Chinese, Indians, Africans and many  other nations prefer plants extracts and herbs as medicine for many ailments till today. Alternative medicine is also getting popularity in Europe and America. Here we have also discussed some of these briefly for benefit of readers:-

  1. Seeds for Good Health
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Add Fragrance to your Garden, it improves your Mood
  4. Health Enhancing Indoor Plants
  5. Xylitol or Birch Sugar
  6. Herbs for Weight Loss
  7. Herbs for Arthritis

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