Which Vitamins and Minerals are Needed for Good Eyesight

The scientific evidence says there are specific antioxidants and minerals that slow the progression in a large percentage of people who are at “high risk” for macular degeneration. Otherwise, all suggestions for vitamins are anecdotal. Certain vitamins and minerals found in food may play a role in preventing two common causes of vision problems: cataracts—cloudy… Read More Which Vitamins and Minerals are Needed for Good Eyesight

Best Food for Pneumonia Patients

Foods Recommended for Pneumonia Patients Fruits and vegetables offer an array of antioxidants which have illness-preventing properties. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables enhance one’s immune system and prevent illnesses such as flu, colds and pneumonia. Many fruits and vegetables also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce swelling associated with pneumonia. They are dense… Read More Best Food for Pneumonia Patients