Is pneumonia contagious?

Pneumonia is swelling (inflammation) of the tissue in one or both lungs. It’s usually caused by a bacterial infection. Pneumonia is usually the result of a pneumococcal infection, caused by bacteria called streptococcus pneumoniae. Pneumonia is most commonly caused by bacteria and viruses, which are contagious. The germs that can cause pneumonia are usually breathed in. People… Read More Is pneumonia contagious?

Is Tetanus Fatal? What are symptoms of Tetanus?

What is Tetanus Tetanus is an acute, often fatal, disease caused by an exotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. Tetani usually enters the body through a wound. In the presence of anaerobic (low oxygen) conditions, the spores germinate. Toxins are produced and disseminated via blood and lymphatics. Toxins act at several sites within the… Read More Is Tetanus Fatal? What are symptoms of Tetanus?

Countries Infected with Zika Virus

Countries or territories with reported confirmed autochthonous cases of Zika virus infection, as of 28 January 2016 Country  Affected in the past 2 months Affected in the past 9 months Barbados Increasing or widespread transmission Yes Bolivia Sporadic transmission following recent introduction Yes Brazil Increasing or widespread transmission Yes Cabo Verde Increasing or widespread transmission… Read More Countries Infected with Zika Virus