General Measures to improve Maternal Nutrition

Delay teen pregnancy Increase birth intervals, Birth spacing of  three years or longer Promote optimal breast feeding practices. Promote  family planning  and  health nutrition intervention counsel on the  need for a reproductive  period  to build  energy  and  micro-nutrient  stores. Consider breast feeding status when prescribing contraception period. Mother may initiate  breast feeding  in the  first … Read More General Measures to improve Maternal Nutrition

Maternal Malnutrition Problems

The  most  common  maternal nutritional problems are Protein deficiency, Iron  deficiency Vitamin A deficiency ,Iodine  deficiency  Folic Acid  deficiency, Zinc deficiency, Vitamin B6 and  Vitamin B12 Deficiency Macro nutrition deficiency Protein Energy Mal-Nutrition.  It  is  due  to the  deficiency of  protein fat  and  carbohydrate in the diet  due  to which  body starts breaking  down the muscle  to… Read More Maternal Malnutrition Problems