Padmasana (Full Lotus Posture) – Yoga

Padmasana (Full Lotus Posture) is a cross-legged sitting posture, in this posture the feet are placed on the opposing thighs. ¬†It is an established posture, commonly used for meditation and the position is said to resemble a lotus. This posture is adopted to encourage proper breathing for associated meditative practice and to foster physical stability.… Read More Padmasana (Full Lotus Posture) – Yoga

Yoga – Sheetali Breathing or Cooling Breath

Sheetal is a Sanskrit word meaning soothing or cooling, the word “Sheetali” is derived from Sheetal. ¬†Sheetali Breathing or Pranayama is designed to reduce the body temperature, thereby causing a cooling effect and activate endocrine glands and nervous system. Technique of Sheetali Breathing or Pranayama Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position like Padmasana( Lotus), Swastikasana(… Read More Yoga – Sheetali Breathing or Cooling Breath